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Why can’t I see some of my financial accounts?
Why can’t I see some of my financial accounts?
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Only credit products are shown on your credit report, so savings accounts or current accounts without an overdraft facility will not be present, as they do not represent your credit history.

If you have opened a new account it could be that the lender has not provided this information to TransUnion as yet. Lenders share account performance data with credit referencing agencies every 4 - 6 weeks at which point it is loaded into the TransUnion database. Due to the data update frequency plus your monthly credit report refresh, the data turnaround time could be up to 10 weeks before it is visible to you.

If an account you opened 15 or more years ago is not showing on your credit report, it could be that you weren’t notified at the time of opening the account that data would be shared for credit referencing purposes, so it is therefore not permitted. To change this, please contact your Lender directly and speak to them about sharing your data with TransUnion.

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