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Are there ways to improve my credit score?
Are there ways to improve my credit score?
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We will alert you to any factors which are having an impact on your score, so you can see the types of actions you can take that might help to improve your score if needed.

If you see that there is room for score improvement, there are some actions that you can take to help address this, e.g.

  • The Electoral Register

If you’re not on it - join it.

  • Pay on time

Pay your credit commitments and bills within the requested timescales you agreed with the lender. Remember, this gets recorded every single month, so it’s a sure fire way to keep your credit score heading in the right direction.

  • Stay within your limits and optimise

Don't exceed your agreed overdraft or credit limits.

It’s one thing to not go over any agreed credit or overdraft limits, but it’s another to try and optimise this. Keeping existing credit accounts open is a good thing, especially if you can keep your utilisation lower than 25%.

For example, if you have a combined credit limit of £10,000 across 2 credit cards. It would be a positive for your credit score if you could keep your total combined balance below £2,500.

  • Think before applying for new credit accounts

Limit the number of accounts you open within a 6 month stretch. Lower is better: if you need a new credit account, aim for no more than 1-2 openings within this time period.

When you open a new account, you may see a momentary drop in your score before positive factors begin to take their toll.

  • Settle any outstanding public data records as soon as you can.

For more details on the factors that impact your credit score, you can refer to What can affect your credit score?

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