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What information does my credit report provide?
What information does my credit report provide?
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Your Credit report provides you with online visibility of the credit report held on you by TransUnion.

This includes:

  • Any financial account performance information TransUnion holds on you over a 6 year period, this includes closed accounts.

  • Your presence on the Electoral Roll.

  • Any financial connections; such as the names of the associates you share finances with, and other names or addresses you’ve used to take out financial products against.

  • Cifas data: Cifas are a not-for-profit organisation which helps to protect its members from the actions of criminals by informing Credit Reference Agencies of any fraudulent activity, which in turn prompts additional security checks.

  • Notices of Correction: This is a statement of your choosing which can be added to your credit file to explain your financial situation. It can be no longer than 200 words, must be relevant to the information on your credit report, must not be frivolous, defamatory, or libellous, can’t name a third part, can’t apportion blame, and can’t contain confidential information.

  • Notices of dispute: If you are disputing the accuracy of some information within your credit report a notice of dispute will appear next to the relevant area.

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