Who are Cifas?
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Cifas are a London based not-for-profit company which is funded by its members. There are over 250 members in total which are spread across:

  • Banks

  • Credit Card Companies

  • Mail Orders

  • Insurance Companies

  • Retail Credit Companies

  • Telecommunication Companies

  • Share Dealing Companies

  • Savings and Investments Companies

  • Credit Reference Agencies.

Cifas helps to protect its members from the actions of criminals by informing Credit Reference Agencies of any fraudulent activity, which in turn prompts additional security checks.

So how does it work? Cifas is essentially a big database where companies (members) can add information relating to fraudsters, fraudulent activity, and victims of fraud. This database is shared with Credit Reference Agencies and attached to credit files hourly via a secure electronic format.

Help! There is a Cifas marker on my credit report, but I am not a fraudster!

Please don’t panic, having a ‘Victim of Impersonation’ Cifas flag on your credit report does not mean you are being accused of anything. This flag is added to an individual’s credit report when that individual has been identified as being a victim of fraud. The filing organisation will have likely been in contact with you to make you aware of any concerns they have with your account, or you may have contacted them, but if you are unsure what this refers to please contact the filing organisation directly.

Will having Cifas on my credit file impact my ability to obtain credit?

No, Cifas simply means that lenders will make additional checks to ensure that you are who you say you are, and will never be the sole reason for rejecting a credit application. Cifas also doesn’t have an impact on your credit score.

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